The primary purpose of this blog (Prithviraj Kothari 's view on Bullion Markets - MD, RSBL (RiddiSiddhi Bullions Ltd.)) is to educate the masses of the current happenings in the Bullion world.
RSBL : Optimism For Gold (23/08/2015)
Those who began to completely disown gold for the past four weeks have now once again been captured by imagination. Gold typically acts as a safe haven – or a hedge – for investors during volatile periods or uncertainty in global markets and it so appears that the precious metal is not quite so useless after all when things get turbulent on the markets.

On July 24, spot gold touched $1,077.50 per ounce, the lowest price since April 2010. Prices remained at that level for a short period before climbing over the past few weeks. But the tables have turned.

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RSBL : This Time Its China v/s U.S. (16/08/2015)
It was China v/s U.S or rather to be precise it was the devaluations of the Yuan v/s the positive economic numbers from U.S.

While one was trying to give the much needed push to gold prices, the other, on the contrary was pulling gold prices down.

Till the middle of the week, gold prices moved upwards and the market was just about to its faith in it. But once the US numbers were out, gold was once again losing its sheen.

Gold got the much needed lift when China roiled global markets by devaluing its currency. Till then gold was travelling on a mostly lower route since mid-June. By the end of the week, however, it appeared the situation was stabilizing, with Chinese authorities on Thursday saying there was no reason for the Yuan to fall further.

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RSBL : Gold To Be Pressured Downwards (10/08/2015)
The bull market for gold is entering its seventh year. For the past seven months the market has traded roughly sideways. Collapsing energy prices and a rising dollar have held back earnings and revenue growth.

In the past, the demand for gold from China had been a motivating factor behind the rising prices for gold. But now, questions regarding the pace of global economic growth have moved to the forefront recently by price declines in the Chinese stock market, oil, commodities and high-yield debt in the past three months.

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RSBL : Rate Hike Creating Pressure On Gold (01/08/2015)
Firstly, I would like to express my sincere condolences on the death of our former President Mr. A P J Abdul Kamal. As we all know him better as the missile man of India and his loss means a lot for our country.

Moving on to his week’s bullion market. Well there was lots of hustle bustle in the market as there was no clue over the prevailing volatility in gold.

Gold was probably in the worst macro position it could be in: you have low inflation, high accommodation across the globe, US investment growth and the possibility of further increases in the US dollar.

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