The primary purpose of this blog (Prithviraj Kothari 's view on Bullion Markets - MD, RSBL (RiddiSiddhi Bullions Ltd.)) is to educate the masses of the current happenings in the Bullion world.
RSBL : It's A Greece Game For Gold (28/06/2015)
The entire week gold had fallen sharply to $1180 from $1200 level. In the few days prior gold had been easing back to below the key $1200 level after recently surging higher to a three week high above $1205. The $1200 level remains significant and is continuing to place selling pressure on gold.

Before rising to the $1200 level, gold was more or less stable at $1180 for the past couple of weeks.

During last week it rallied well to move from a two month low near $1160 back up to above $1190 again before easing back to the $1180 level.

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RSBL : An Important Week for Gold (22/06/2015)
Gold prices slipped lower in European morning hours on Friday, pulling back from the previous session's three-week peak as the U.S. dollar mildly recovered from the Federal Reserve's most recent policy statement.

Over a period of time we have seen some factors being very crucial for gold compared to the others. US dollar, Fed’s interest rate hike and The Greece crisis have been major drivers for gold prices apart from geo-political economic crisis, inflation and demand for gold from India and China.

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RSBL : Bulls And Bears To Clash (07/06/2015)
Over the past year and to be precise, lately, there has been a strong belief in the market that the U.S. is its way of raising rates.

While evidence of continued improvement in the US economy is not gold-friendly and ultimately acts as an obstacle for the yellow metal, the fact that this is generally what market expects limits the price impact to the extent that the data stays close enough to consensus.

Let’s have a quick glance to the important highlights of the week -

EMPLOYMENT DATA- The most awaited or rather the most influential factor this week was the jobs report.

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RSBL : Calmness before the big move in Gold and Silver (01/06/2015)
Another buying opportunity or it is a one such half hearted rally? A question that is pushing investors away from the precious metals complex. I would do my best to give you an idea by starting a gist of things that took place over the week.

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