Pure Silver Coins & Bars

A list of denominations is given below:

Denomination Type
5gm Bar
10gm Bar
20gm Bar
50gm Bar
100gm Bar
250gm Bar
500gm Bar
1Kg Bar
5gm Note
10gm Note
20gm Note
50gm Note
100gm Note
5gm Shree Ganesh Coin
10gm Shree Ganesh Coin
20gm Shree Ganesh Coin
50gm Shree Ganesh Coin
100gm Shree Ganesh Coin
Denomination Type
5gm Shree Lakshmi Coin
10gm Shree Lakshmi Coin
20gm Shree Lakshmi Coin
50gm Shree Lakshmi Coin
100gm Shree Lakshmi Coin
5gm Shree Lakshmi-Ganesh Coin
10gm Shree Lakshmi-Ganesh Coin
20gm Shree Lakshmi-Ganesh Coin
50gm Shree Lakshmi-Ganesh Coin
100gm Shree Lakshmi-Ganesh Coin
5gm Trimurti Coin*
10gm Trimurti Coin*
20gm Trimurti Coin*
50gm Trimurti Coin*
100gm Trimurti Coin*
10gm Queen Victoria Embossed Coin
20gm Queen Victoria Embossed Coin
25gm Queen Victoria Embossed Coin
50gm Queen Victoria Embossed Coin
100gm Queen Victoria Embossed Coin
*(Trimurti - Ganeshji, Lakshmiji, Saraswatiji)

Purity will be 999.